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Artist: Ailee
Album: A's Doll House

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U&I - Ailee

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teaser - Choi Zelo
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teaser - Choi Zelo

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Junsu at The 2012 Para Olympics

Everyone, Cassies, Orions, and Junsu fans alike, please show your unapreciation of how SBS has neglected Junsu on the filming of the 2012 Korean Para Olympics.

Send messages such as those below to SBS on their facebook page ( or to their twitters (@sbsnow) (@sbsnews):

시아준수의 팬은 한국에만 있는게 아니에요. 전 세계의 팬들은 당신들이 오늘 한 짓을 알고있고 평생 가슴에 담고 살거에요. SBS 부끄럽지도않니!

Junsu’s fan exist not only in Korea. Fans all over the world know what you have done today and won’t forget forever. SBS shame on you!


SBS는 당신들이 32번째 PARA GAME에서 한 짓을 부끄러워해야 마땅합니다. 참가자들과 그들의 가족, 서포터분들, 그리고 전 세계에 있는 시아준수팬들의 특별한 날을 망친것, 21세기에 그의 조국인 한국에서 그를 금한것. 저희는 공식 사과를 원합니다. 전 세계가 지켜보고 있어요.

SBS you should be ashamed of what you did at the 32nd PARA GAMES! Spoiling this special day for the participants and their families, for the supporters of this special event, for the Junsu fans in Korea and all over the world. Banning a singer in his own country in the 21st century! We demand an official apology! The world is watching!

Support XIA Junsu and his fellow members of JYJ!

● Favorite Era of Lee Taemin (requested by baekdino)
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● Favorite Era of Lee Taemin (requested by baekdino)

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